2017 Year in Review

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Our Dream

CYN’s dream is that every teenager in Canada has an opportunity to experience God’s love, respond to the Gospel, and be discipled in a healthy church.

About CYN

The Canadian Youth Network is a non-profit charity that provides pastoral care, coaching, networking, events, and resources to assist youth leaders in guiding teens to put their hope in Jesus.

Making an Impact

cyn-map-pin Equipped and facilitated dialogue between 450+ youth leaders in 12 cities at our annual Lunch Tour

cyn-map-pin Indirectly touched the lives of 11,000+ students through these local church leaders.°

cyn-map-pin – Change Conference 2017 had 1600 attend on Friday night and a record 900 on Saturday. Combined with 2 high school assemblies on Friday we saw 500+ youth commit or renew a commitment to Christ.

cyn-map-pin Over the years we’ve witnessed 4500+ teens commit to following Jesus Christ as Lord through CYN events.
° Based on 450 youth ministries with an average of 25 students per youth ministry.

Impact Stories: How CYN is making a difference

“When I was 17 years old, my youth group took me to Change Conference…that was a high watermark for my faith in high school.  It motivated me to repent of a lot of things specifically in my life…it motivated me to be an ambassador for Christ back in my school…” — Jason Lock, Youth Pastor in Markham

“The breakout sessions at the Change conference were great, I always enjoy when I can go and hear from a speaker about a topic or matter of Spirit that I have been personally wrestling with or wanting more guidance on.” — 2017 Change conference participant

“We had a blast at Change, and my youth were pumped at the end of it to invite their friends to youth group! So thank you for all the hard work that was put into this. I was amazed at how well put together everything was and how seamlessly it all ran. I thought the overall message of the conference was clear and that each of the elements was done with excellence and humility. THANK YOU!!!!” — 2017 Change conference participant

“I just wanted to change my life, so right there, I told the Lord I wanted to give my life over to Him. I didn’t know what that would look like. I didn’t know what changes I needed to make, but I knew that it was going to be a life for Him now. In 2007, I gave my life to Jesus at the Change Conference and haven’t turned back since.” — Blake Found Pastor of Uxbridge Free Methodist Church

“[My daughter] was 1 of the 285 youth who received a follow-up package on Friday evening. She told me she had been feeling far from God for awhile and wanted to begin anew with Him. When I woke up Sunday morning, she was in her room reading the Gospel of John booklet in the package to her younger sister and they were beginning to memorize some of the suggested memory verses.” – Father of a 2017 Change Conference Participant

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