By Dale Winder

One of the greatest joys after 30 years of youth ministry is the opportunities I now have to connect with youth leaders and help them think through how to develop a healthy youth ministry that transforms the lives of their teens and volunteer leaders (not to mention parental influence). I remember in our early years of CYN, showing up to a youth network meeting in downtown Toronto and meeting a brand new youth pastor who was carrying the Purpose Driven Youth Ministry book from Doug Fields in his hand. He really didn’t know where to start and so I offered to meet with him every month as long as he paid for my lunch. Within a couple years he had grown his ministry from 5 students to 50 regular students in a mainline church. This former youth pastor is now the lead pastor of a well respected church in Toronto.

As much as I love coaching and mentoring, I just don’t personally have enough time to meet with all the youth leaders who are in a similar situation. As a result we at CYN decided to release a free resource to help youth pastors/leaders understand the foundational pieces it takes to develop their own Spiritually Healthy Youth Ministry. This resource was actually developed in partnership with with several veteran youth pastors and denomination leaders.

One of the most important pieces in developing a healthy youth ministry is to first of all have a plan and secondly, create time to invest in your leaders. I would encourage you to watch the introductory video that we created for our 2018 Lunch Tour, review the material, then learn and apply the 6 Principles in Developing a Healthy Team! You can even download free templates to help you recruit volunteers, provide job descriptions, identify training topics and more.

If you would like to go to the next level you can join our Implementa coaching cohort which includes one on one time with a seasoned youth ministry veteran.

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