Taken from Spiritual Healthy Youth Ministry

Healthy teams include people of substance who embrace a lifestyle that reveals a depth of transformation in their lives. In His attempt to build a team, Jesus inherits men deeply affected by the patterns and values of the culture in which they were raised. To counter that influence, Jesus took time to draw attention to the motives that drove the actions of His disciples. He invested energy, teaching them how to become people of depth through disciplines that would affect the substance of their lives. Jesus understood that character is a product of the substance of a person. He showed that substance is determined by what people pursue. Your first task in building a healthy team is to invest in the substance of those who follow you. If you have a team of people whose lives are impacted by a depth of a relationship with Jesus, they will inevitably produce a lifestyle that increasingly conforms to the Kingdom of God.

Christ wanted his followers to model a lifestyle that reflected Kingdom values. He modelled depth of character and then demanded it.

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