Taken from Spiritual Healthy Youth Ministry

A healthy team is strongly connected to one another—something Jesus understood well. He consciously attempted to enhance the sense of community among His group of followers. Much of this was a natural product of the relational investment that He made with them. They accumulated memories and established a unity of purpose on the adventure He led them on. Near the end of their journey, Jesus prayed in John 17:11 for unity among His followers. He invested in their transformation and prepared them to be leaders, but, His prayer was that they would be united. Chemistry is a product of investment, of time spent together, of relationships built, and of memories made. Good chemistry enables a team to function well. Teams that care for one another also care well for the things they do together, especially in an environment where the cause is worth working towards.

Schedule some adventure into your calendar with the express purpose of strengthening the relationships between members of your team. There is a power in shared adventures to bring people together—it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just real.

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