Taken from Spiritual Healthy Youth Ministry

Structure is important for building healthy teams.

However, without depth of relationship, teams are vulnerable. Jesus built a team on the foundation of relationship. He gave his leaders entrance into his life and they came to know him deeply (Mark 9:30-32 , John 14-17). There was strength and depth to their relationship. Jesus’ departure from the planet left them reeling, and yet, they remained in His service. Healthy teams are a product of relational depth. Take the time to invest relationally in the individuals on your team.

Discover their story—the moments and influences that led them to serve alongside you and how God has transformed their lives. Give your leaders insight into your journey as well. Let the people who lead with you see your passion and heart for the mission you have invited them to serve. Relationship builds unity, increases loyalty, and promotes a culture of strong community. People second guess leaders they are distant from, but will sacrifice and serve those they deeply care for. Make individual appointments with leaders a part of your strategy to build a team. Devote time weekly to coach and care for those who serve you. Ask them meaningful questions about the quality of their walk with God, their joys and frustrations as a leader, and pray for them according to the needs they express.

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