Taken from Spiritual Healthy Youth Ministry

When defining Roles, clarity of expectation eliminates confusion. Jesus defined expectations for conduct but He also defined tasks for his followers. There were moments He asked them to serve and other moments He invited them to take the lead (Matthew 14:16- 21, Matthew 10:5-42, Luke 9:1-6). The common thing about those moments was instruction.

Defined expectations brings clarity. If you desire to have an effective team, ensure they understand the things you expect from them. In the absence of clear expectations, some leaders will become glorified babysitters or security guards while others will invent their own purpose. Define the roles of your team and do so based on what you would like the ministry to produce. Your goal is to produce spiritually healthy teens so your task is to define the roles of your team based on that objective. Build role descriptions.

Help your team understand how they contribute to the overall goal of the ministry.

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