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Called: Adaptive Youth Ministry

Executive Director, Dale Winder speaks on the changing youth ministry strategies and the importance of having an adaptive youth ministry.

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COVID-19 Youth
Ministry Strategy



Graduation Parties

Graduation season is officially upon us! Although this season is not what we imagined it would look like, plans still need to be made and we are here to help you.

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Anxiety & Depression

Explore the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as some practical ways for how you can help your youth.

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Zoom Fatigue – What We Did About It

The transition to online youth ministry has been tough! Our greatest strength has always been relationship. Gen Z seems to hunger for in-person relationship and despite their tech savviness, I’ve been shocked at how many students have completely rejected the idea of online ministry. For some, nothing but the real thing will do.

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One of the most important skills in helping any individual through emotional trauma, grief,
frustration or sadness is active listening skills.

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