As I have spoke to youth workers across the country I am both concerned and convinced. My concern stems from what I am observing in many ministry settings where; as financial, time and resource challenges hit, the investment in youth ministry seems to be lessoning. Cheryl, a youth worker from Eastern Ontario said the following:

“For a youth ministry formerly stuck in not having a strong plan and purpose, we are so grateful for the coaching, support and encouragement CYN (Joey) has provided over the last year. Starting the process of developing an effective youth ministry can be very daunting for someone not trained in youth ministry, but Joey’s vast knowledge and experience, and a focus on Gospel principles, helped guide us through the process…”

I am becoming more convinced that we need to double down on our efforts to reach and disciple youth in and outside the church. Simply put, an investment in young lives is an investment in not just the future but the present as well…” I have always believed that spiritually and strategically the Church needs to prioritize our investment in children and youth and those who work with them. Simply put, in this time of spiritual crisis, we, adults need to send a strong, positive, sacrificial statement to the next generation; “You matter and we are prepared to sacrifice in order that your needs and the needs of those called to serve you, are met…before ours are”.

At Implementa we will, by Gods Grace, be giving hands on help to those who are ‘in the trenches’ with our most vulnerable youth.

“…From learning the fundamentals of youth ministry, to coaching on how we could implement them in our small church context, the knowledge and skills received from Joey helped transform the way we do youth ministry.”
–Cheryl, youth worker in Eastern Ontario

Can I count on your prayer and support, both for myself, and those signed up?

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