a cohort implementing youth ministry essentials within the local context

Value – What you will receive:

Four Online Courses (OC) featuring:

  • Ten hours of online teaching, with a emphasis on interactive learning
  • Five hours of one on one coaching to implement what is being learned within the context of your specific ministry
  • Feedback on all assignments
  • Each OC is limited to a maximum of ten participants

Two Pre PREP Intensives (PPI)* featuring:

  • Seven hours of onsite teaching, with an emphasis on interactive learning
  • Two meals provided
  • Feedback on all assignments

*PPI will be held at Camp Cherith, Lanark on the Friday before PREP

Proposed Schedule

OC #1 – Philosophy of Youth Ministry
Begins February, 2019

PPI #1 – Calendaring Effectively
August 23, 2019

OC #2 – Building a Team
Begins October, 2019

OC #3 – Things you Need to Know
Begins February, 2020

PPI #2 – Preaching and Teaching to JH, HS and YA’s
August 21, 2020

OC #4 – Spiritual Formation
Begins October, 2020

How much does Implementa cost

Time Investment

Each OC requires 10 hours of online learning, approximately 10 hours of preparation for assignments, and five hours of coaching. 

Each PPI requires seven hours onsite.

Financial investment

Each OC: $750 per course x 4
Each PPI: $200 per intensive x 2

Total Cohort Cost: $3400
CYN Investment: $850 (25% Discount)
Your Total Cohort Cost: $2550

Evaluation Process:


Are you able to implement what your learning within the context of your ministry?


Are you interacting with the material and others?


Are you able to articulate the theory as presented in the course texts?


Will you be able to interact with others on why/how you do ministry?

Interested in registering?

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