Church: Fusion Youth Ottawa (Greenbelt, Pinegrove Bible & Calvary Baptist churches)

Years in Ministry: 15 years

Also Known As: Jen

Most Commonly Found: in some quaint shop hunting down the best coffee, fudge or gelato

Getting to Know Jen

Most unusual talent: Tuning everything out at any time – and I mean everything!

Best piece of advice you’ve received: Build a great team!

If you had a time machine which time period would you travel to and why?: Medieval Europe – castles, horses and great fashion!

Dinosaurs or dragons and why?: Dragons – fire breathing and medieval, come on!

Weird food combination(s) that you enjoy: Cottage cheese and kalamata olives

If you had a warning label what would it say?: Do not address first thing in the morning.

Getting to know Jen’s Ministry

Accomplishment that you’re most proud of in your role as youth pastor: Building a strong team of small group leaders!

Most challenging part of being a Youth Pastor: Watching teenagers deal with very heavy issues and not being able to make it all go away.

Most rewarding part of being a Youth Pastor: Witnessing a student come to Christ or grow in their faith, and seeing my team grow as leaders.

Most helpful thing that someone has done for you in this role: When people help with the details of running the youth ministry, it helps me focus more on people rather than programming.

Advice for your fellow youth pastors currently in the trenches of youth ministry: Multiply yourself – invest in your leaders so they can invest in more students than you ever could on your own.

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