By Dale Winder (Executive Director)

Please come and support Joey Molloy as we LAUNCH him into his new ministry role with CYN.

Date: October 24, 2018 | 7pm
Location: Manotick Church (5492 River Drive in Manotick)

I remember one of the first times that I met Joey, how impressed I was to meet a youth pastor that aligned so closely to my heart for evangelism and discipleship.

Seven years into his ministry in Ottawa I had the opportunity to attend one of his leadership retreats for his volunteers which had over 50 in attendance. What I discovered was that in his first year he inherited 8 leaders and 7 quit. So, in 7 years he had grown his volunteer team from 1 to 50 and in the peak of his 14 year ministry at this one church he had as many 90 volunteer leaders.

What impressed me even more was his intentional heart to mobilize students to share the gospel with their friends and become disciple makers. One particular story I recall is about a few teens who were inspired at Change Conference to run Alpha Youth Series in their high school. To support these teens Joey managed to find a donor to help pay for pizza so that these students could run the program in their schools at lunch time. Beyond this story I know there are many many young people who have gone on to Bible college and full time ministry or are currently serving as a leader in their local church as a result of the impact that Joey’s
ministry had on their life. This is why I’m so excited that God made it possible for Joey to work with CYN as the new Pastoral Network Director.

I believe Joey will be a tremendous asset to the greater Christian community by investing in youth pastors/leaders and supporting them as they disciple spiritually healthy teens. The key tasks for Joey will be to pastor pastors, support & grow local youth networks and develop a new coaching program for CYN. In the pastoral role he will be investing in key leaders of local networks throughout eastern Ontario and parts of Quebec who are leading local church youth networks. To help CYN grow our impact Joey will recruit, train and give leadership to our Regional Pastoral Reps across Ontario and eventually across Canada. One of the largest immediate tasks for Joey is to develop a brand new coaching cohort program that will allow us to help many youth pastors grow personally and develop strategic youth ministries.

Would you consider partnering with CYN and specifically with Joey at this time. Please keep us in your prayers and be willing listen to God’s voice on how you can personally help us impact the lives of thousands of teens by investing in their leaders.

We look forward to seeing you at the Launch Party!

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