Executive Director aka “The Glue”

Can be found at the local rink chasing his childhood dream or dusting his desk.

Favourite part of the job: There are so many great aspects, but I would have to say helping youth pastors as they implement a healthy youth ministry and seeing teens commit to Christ at Change Conference


Events and Special Projects Manager aka “The Ideas Girl”

Can be found perusing the nearby Indigo with a Starbucks in hand, finding the best deals and most likely, the trendiest new journal

Favourite part of the job: Watching hundreds of youth give their lives/re-commit their lives to Jesus during our Friday Night Change Party


Executive Assistant aka “Quality Control”

Can be found spending time with friends over coffee, ready to bust a move at any given moment

Favourite part of the job: Seeing youth leaders  from different backgrounds and denominations working together to reach their community with the Gospel.


Pastoral Network Director aka “The Connector”

Can be found in black and gold unless vetted by “Quality Control” or hanging with his trusty sidekick, his daughter, Ellie.

Favourite part of the job: Watching youth workers engage with their students and cheering on youth workers who are in the trenches.


Pastoral Rep aka “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Pastor”

Can be found with a smoothie matching the colour of his lawn and hashtagging his own posts on instagram.

Favourite part of the job: Seeing how God is at work in other parts of the kingdom. And learning new ideas from other youth leaders.

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