Working Closely With Pastors

CYN offers a two-year one-on-one coaching program to help emerging and existing leaders start or recalibrate a strategic ministry along with establishing a balanced personal life and healthy spiritual life. CYN believes the following VALUES are critical for a healthy and balanced ministry:


Passion & Intimacy with God


Solid Biblical Theology


Exemplary Family and Personal Life




Submission to Authority


Healthy Relationships


Clear Objectives from a God instilled Vision


Organization and Structure

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Looking for coaching in a formal setting?

Check out our new resource Implementa. Implementa is an online four-course cohort teaching youth leaders how to implement youth ministry essentials within the local context.

After two years of one-on-one coaching, the outcomes of this program will be:


Transferable Ministry Plan

At the conclusion there will be a plan approved by the Lead Pastor, fully implemented and transferable to any future successor.

Personal Life Plan

each emerging leader will develop a plan to realize a healthy and balanced personal life.

Individual Spiritual Priorities

Each emerging leader will commit to foundational elements of a Biblical worldview, living like Christ and daily spiritual disciplines to create healthy life-long spiritual habits.

Career Path Direction

Assistance given to help the leader in directing their next steps in their vocational journey.

“I now have a tangible ministry plan on paper, which previously existed only in my head. I am able to present my thoughts and ideas in a clearer sense, and can better hold myself accountable to what I intend to do. I think my ministry is much more unified and connected than it previously was. I also feel that the current strength of my leadership team is a direct result of this experience.”

“The CYN coaching has been very accommodating of the particular issues of our church context. Rather than attempting to force us into a predetermined mould, they have engaged a creative process with us that includes flexibility and reflects our distinct church identity and setting. I would encourage other churches to engage this process for the strengthening of their own youth workers and ministries.”

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