What is Coaching (And Why)

Working closely with youth leaders, CYN offers various coaching programs to help emerging and existing leaders start or recalibrate a strategic ministry along with establishing a balanced personal life and healthy spiritual life. CYN believes the following VALUES are critical for a healthy and balanced ministry:


Passion & Intimacy with God


Solid Biblical Theology


Exemplary Family and Personal Life




Submission to Authority


Healthy Relationships


Clear Objectives from a God instilled Vision


Organization and Structure

“I now have a tangible ministry plan on paper, which previously existed only in my head. I am able to present my thoughts and ideas in a clearer sense, and can better hold myself accountable to what I intend to do. I think my ministry is much more unified and connected than it previously was. I also feel that the current strength of my leadership team is a direct result of this experience.”


Looking for coaching in a formal setting?

Check out our new resource Implementa. Implementa is an online four-course cohort teaching youth leaders how to implement youth ministry essentials within the local context.

one-on-one coaching

A CYN Youth Ministry specialist will come alongside one individual and work with them for two years. After two years of one-on-one coaching, the outcomes of this program will be:


Transferable Ministry Plan

At the conclusion there will be a plan approved by the Lead Pastor, fully implemented and transferable to any future successor.

Personal Life Plan

Each emerging leader will develop a plan to realize a healthy and balanced personal life.

Individual Spiritual Priorities

Each emerging leader will commit to foundational elements of a Biblical worldview, living like Christ and daily spiritual disciplines to create healthy life-long spiritual habits.

Career Path Direction

Assistance given to help the leader in directing their next steps in their vocational journey.

Ministry Team Consulting

A CYN Youth Ministry specialist will get in the trenches with your ministry team and consult for 2-4 years. In this format, we will work with your team to evaluate your current ministry for effectiveness, determine measurable goals, train on new strategies or practices, set up a plan and work with you to implement your training and accomplish your goals. Examples of goals:

  • Creation of a detailed, intentional and transferable Ministry Plan, approved by the Lead Pastor/Church Board. The Ministry Plan will be based on the churches ministry philosophy and goals.
  • The Youth Ministry dept. will have a greater sense of cohesion, confidence, leadership and maturity in overall ministry activities.
  • As a result of training: staff, volunteers and parents will have a good understanding of the church’s ministry philosophy, goals and will be more engaged.
    Ultimately the goal is to increase the church’s impact on the spiritual health of the youth through investing in the leaders.

Denomination CONSULTING

Canadian Youth Network seeks to serve and support the Church, locally and nationally.  If your denomination is currently exploring youth ministry coaching/training opportunities please reach out to discuss the unique needs of your youth ministry context. Together, we can create something tailored specifically for your denomination’s needs and goals.

Are you interested in Coaching?

Send us a message so we can discuss your unique situation.
“The CYN coaching has been very accommodating of the particular issues of our church context. Rather than attempting to force us into a predetermined mould, they have engaged a creative process with us that includes flexibility and reflects our distinct church identity and setting. I would encourage other churches to engage this process for the strengthening of their own youth workers and ministries.”

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