Change Conference 2015 // October 16 & 17… an incredible weekend!

Friday Night Change was a PARTY! The students & youth leaders were lined up well before doors opened waiting for the Pre-Party featuring DJ00Seven, and Jeff Goring! Matt Baker hosted the night, which includedCharlene Nash, Lights Go Down, and headline musical guest KB. The students were challenged by the message shared by Tim Teakle (of Alpha Ministries) where over 130 decisions were made to follow Jesus!

On Saturday the Keynote Speakers were Doug Holliday, Shiv Zacharias and Mark Clark with worship led by the Change Conference House Band. Each delivered a unique message that when connected together, created a powerful and unified challenge of Inspiration and Change. We thank everyone that led in the 7-Talks and Focus group sessions led by Doug Holliday, Shiv Zacharias, Jason Persaud, Adam Hoskins, Sarah Barry, Allison Alley, Sherry Stahl, Madi Ahlberg, Tim Teakle, Dave Lombardo, and Tim Barnett. Each brought something relevant and exciting. We also thank everyone that prayed for the success of this event, generously contributed financially, and volunteered their time.


“The Change Conference was life changing for me. It really convicted me and showed me that I was holding on to something that could save someone from life or death, and that I want to share my faith, be bold, and hold nothing back.” – Student from Newmarket

“[at Change Conference] when we all were singing I had a sense of calming and self worth to God. It’s hard to exactly explain the experience, but I definitely felt that I was getting called by God to leave my selfish ways and run back to him.” – Student from Kitchener

“As a result of the Change Conference, we have two young men who are starting a Christian Club in their schools. They hope to be running Youth Alpha, starting in the next week or two”. – Youth Pastor from Ottawa

Brampton Network Gathers to pray for Schools

Over 21 churches and 400 students came together in September with the Brampton Youth Network to worship and be challenged by speaker Dave Overholt. Students broke into groups together to pray for their individual schools.

Watch Doug Holliday’s sermon from Change Conference 2015

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