In 1989 I went to Bible College, just for a year, to satisfy my parents and, well, because I had no real direction, no passion, no real purpose.

Once I got there, I discovered the God I had always known about, for the first time, I sensed that He actually wanted to know me. Through studying His Word and being around people on a similar pursuit I began to discover that not only does God love me and wants to know me, he actually has a plan for my life.

A couple of years later I was sitting in a classroom learning about youth ministry. One of my professors told us that ‘Canada needs professional youth ministers, who are willing to spend their lives teaching God’s Word, understanding youth culture and loving adolescents in Jesus’ name’. THAT WAS IT! That was my purpose, that was my calling, and that is what I would pursue!!

For the last 25 years I have been privileged to pursue that passion within the context of the local church. Being a Youth Pastor in different cultures, and different sized churches has taught me a lot (not everything) about the importance of investing in adolescents and adolescent ministry.

Working with Canadian Youth Network (CYN) as a volunteer for the last three years has given me a peek into youth ministry from a different perspective. I have grown to appreciate the need that there is for youth leaders of every age and stage to be supported, built into and challenged. God has been using this time to show me that this is what he has been preparing me for.

I truly believe that the more we intentionally invest in our youth and young adults the more likely it is that we will see them rise up, in Jesus Name and change the very landscape of this culture.

As I begin this journey with CYN I ask for your continued prayers and support.

Who knows where the next 25 years will take me. I suspect though, it will involve the passion I have been given. for more information and how to support this awesome organization.

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